Freelance. Photographer.

About Me

My mission

I'm on a mission to open-up creativity, and inspiration. I want to make a difference.

Some unique original people and creative publishers have already been opened up with inspiration and creativity through my photography. I'm finding the best ones and sharing them with you.

Who's Zachary? What does he Do?

I'm an 17 Year Old Canadian Freelance Photographer, who is based in Ontario, Canada. Ever since I was little, I had an passion within Architectural Design, Drafting, and an sleek interest within Computer Infrastructures.

If you’ve ever had a crazy idea that you think is basically impossible or had an website load slowly on your phone, had an annoying ad pop up in the middle of what you’re looking at, or been asked to sign up for a monthly subscription just to read a single article, then you understand how broken the web is today.

I work with creators and publishers not to make cash or anything in return for myself. I want to allow creators and publishers to get better value for their money, and all internet users to get rewarded with the unique creativity that exists somewhere out there in our universe.

The people behind what my life goal is to achieve and create are rockstars: pioneers of the web, leading voices on privacy regulation, extremely accomplished researchers, architecture tech gurus, marketing masters, security and privacy trailblazers, and world-class engineers.

If you want to learn more about what I have created or designed or why I decided to create this one specific thing, here are some helpful links: